We Solve Problems!

Muscle Products Corp. (MPC) is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty lubricants, additives and greases.

Our mission is to provide lubricants and additives that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our continued success is driven by this foundation. Simply put: We solve your lubrication problems. Our goal is to keep your equipment operating efficiently so you can focus your time and energy on managing the rest of your business. If you are interested in distribution in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana or Wyoming, Contact Us Now.

Muscle products… the STRENGTH in Lubrication.®


Muscle Products.... The Strength in Lubrication(R)

Metal Treatment MT-10®

The keystone of the Muscle product line is Metal Treatment MT-10®, a blend of highly refined oils and proprietary additives. MT-10® contains no solids, chlorinated solvents or phosphate compounds. Once applied, MT-10® provides five mechanisms of improvement: Read more »