Muscle MT-10® Transmission


Typical applications:

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Standard transmissions
  • MT-10® Transmission can also be applied directly to parts during rebuild



  • Treats the metal – not the oil – by improving metal surface characteristics
  • Polishes, seals and protects metal surfaces of internal, moving parts
  • Frees valve body for optimum performance
  • Eliminates governor hang-ups caused by contamination and surface spiking
  • Keeps oil passages, orifices and ball checks clean and fully operational
  • Extends transmission life by eliminating premature failure with improved lubrication
  • Reduces metal particle fallout and debris caused by friction and wear
  • Removes varnish build up
  • Eliminates lock-up chatter in the torque converter
  • Ensures proper shifts
  • Safe for seals and gaskets
  • Will not affect sprag or clutch friction


  • Automatic transmissions – Add 8 oz. of MT-10® to transmission through fluid tube.  For large transmissions, i.e. Allison, add 1.5 oz. of MT-10® per each quart of fluid.
  • Standard transmissions – Add 1 oz. of MT-10® per each pound of gear lube.


NOTE:  Do not use MT-10® in ATV automatic CVT transmissions with EBS (Engine Braking System).

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8-oz bottle