Firepower FP-10™


Typical applications:

  • All types of firearms, weapons and weapon systems
  • Hinges, rails and ways, slides, latches and moving metal mechanisms
  • Air rifles and paintball guns
  • Multi-purpose lube
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  • Lubricates, cleans and protects
  • Stops and inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Superior lubrication – Keeps metal parts functioning in adverse conditions, reducing weapon failure rates
  • Eliminates stainless steel galling
  • Repels water and moisture
  • Removes accumulated powder, lead, plastic and debris
  • Penetrates quickly for lubrication to remote areas
  • Guards against extreme pressure and wear
  • Polishes, seals and protects metal surfaces
  • Improves bore accuracies
  • Contains no solid lubricants or harsh solvents
  • Will not build up on metal surfaces
  • Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for dramatically improved lubrication

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1-oz bottle, 4-oz bottle, 16-oz bottle w/flip cap, 16-oz bottle w/trigger spray, 1 US Gallon, Shooter's Lube Kit