Diesel High Performance DHP-10


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DHP-10TM is a new generation, multi-function diesel fuel additive designed to improve the quality characteristics of diesel fuel. DHP-10TM cleans injectors and minimizes deposit formation for continuous fuel flow, which results in improved fuel quality and performance. The superior lubrication characteristics of DHP-10TM protect the fuel pump and injectors from wear and premature failure. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology.

• #1 diesel fuel
• #2 diesel fuel
• Ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD)

• Improves lubricity for improved fuel system performance
• Boosts cetane number for quicker starts & improved fuel performance
• Concentrated formula designed to improve the quality characteristics of diesel fuel
• Reduces downtime & maintenance
• Cleans fuel injectors for optimal performance
• Protects fuel pump & injectors for wear & premature failure
• Improves durability of pump & injectors
• Controls injector deposit formation allowing continuous fuel flow
• Lubricates, cleans & protects the entire fuel system
• Effective steel corrosion eliminated in treated fuel
• Excellent performance in new common rail direct injection systems & nozzle cleanliness in older engines
• Will not change sulfur ratings at recommended dose rate

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16-oz bottle w/flip cap